Convene executive women and men and leaders across all levels

The Forum on Engaging Men, Advancing WomenSM

We bring together male and female executives to help them lead more effectively, because their relationships of trust and accountability produce more opportunities with people of both genders.

These half-day leadership benchmarking sessions gather 100 senior leaders – men and women – to socialize ally development and gender savvy leadership; previously held in Boston, New York, and Seattle, and San Francisco, with 2017 dates in Miami, New York, Hartford, Dallas, London and Seattle; also offered as an internal program with clients. Rebranding to the Executive Forum for Gender Reciprocity.

The Roundtable on Racially Savvy LeadershipSM

We gather current and emerging executives to talk about and lead through interracial understanding, because the silence, uncertainty, and conflict around race is hurting people and organizations.

The Roundtable is a one-day program that equips current and emerging executives as racially savvy leaders. Convened in selected metro areas, more than two hundred leaders prepare carefully for the session, attend in multiracial quads, and apply their learning in their leadership work and together in their organizations. Piloting in 2017 in Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago.

The White Guys Leadership SummitSM

We assemble committed white male executives, because they need strong peer relationships in order to lead as influence partners with consistent courage.

An annual, invitational three-day conference in the Seattle area with white male executives from across the U.S., launching in September of 2017.


The Advanced Gender Reciprocity ProgramSM

We develop high-performing peer connections between executives – women and men – because these two-way relationships drive outcomes with talent and customers.

An eight-month development program with thirty six selected senior leaders internal to client companies – an equal mix of men and women – helping them to build a more gender savvy point of view, strengthen relationships of reciprocity, trust and accountability, and to improve effectiveness with key leadership skills.

The Racially Savvy Leadership ProgramSM

We train executives to grow interracial relationships that grow leadership impact, because business results and career advantages come from taking proper account of race at work.

This twelve month program trains thirty-six selected leaders – a balanced mix of women and men from each racial group – equipping them to lead more effectively and safely through racial savvy, across their communication, relationships, and results. Run internally with client companies.

Building Your Brand as an Inclusive Leader

We equip leaders to recognize and respond to lead inclusively across all dimensions of diversity, to decrease their effectiveness gap and increase their influence and team results.

This eight-month training program rigorously teaches client cohorts how to diagnose implicit bias, how to understand and measure their brand as inclusive leader, and how to leverage their learning to improving business results in their teams and units.

The Leadership Center for White Male ExecutivesSM

We teach white men in senior roles to build solid reputations as inclusive leaders, because diverse colleagues need white male allies who partner to create mutual opportunity and who also influence other white men.

An open-enrollent year-long development program with 24 white male executives, launching in 2018 and organized in peer quads; equipping them to lead more effectively through global D&I in order to build their leadership brand; also includes online assessments, a business-relevant point of view project, webinars, 1:1 coaching, and a participant portal.


Enable inclusive leaders to build their organizations and change society

Gender Equality at WorkSM

We guide client companies to close pay equity gaps and to build a leadership culture that delivers gender equality, because employees and customers will come to and stay with such an organization.

A four-year process with an internal team of client executives, to diagnose and close pay equity gaps, build a leadership culure that delivers gender equality and earns certification for doing so, then market the gender equality certification as a competitive advantage for the client’s employer value proposition; onging benchmarking support is also provided.

Ally Development

We advise client organizations to implement a strategy for developing allies across all levels of leadership and dimensions of diversity, because the company needs to win and retain diverse talent and customers.

- Men as Allies

We organize networks of male leaders committed to creating opportunity with women at work, because this will improve the recruitment, development, promotion, and retention of women; motivate female customers; and open doors for men as well.

A two-year consulting roadmap to build out a network of committed and skilled men who co-create opporunity with women at work.

- The Black Ally Community

We inform the establishment of an ally group of leaders who are not black, because more opportunities for black employees will cause them to grow, produce, and stay, and this will attract loyal black customers.

Consulting services to design an approach and grow allies who are not black, to invest in the success of black employees, in relationships of trust and accountability.

Inclusive Leadership Development

We consult with executives on team development, leadership skills, and company capabilities, because inclusive leaders create measurable advantages for their organizations.

Development work with executive teams and training projects scaled across leadership levels; to create competitive and collaborative advantage through, for example, preparing executives as D&I teachers, inclusion to grow sales, inclusivebrand development, innovating human capital practices (e.g. reciprocal mentoring, Retention ROI), and inclusion as a source for change management.